Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Asparagus racemosus /Hatawariya

Scientific classification
Kingdom:             Plantae
Clade:   Angiosperms
Clade:   Monocots
Order:   Asparagales
Family: Asparagaceae
Subfamily:           Asparagoideae
Genus:                 Asparagus
Species:               A. racemosus
Binomial name:Asparagus racemosus

Names in different languages:
English : Asparagus
Local :Hatawariya
Tamil :Kalavari
Distribution: Sri Lanka, India, Nepal
Edible parts:- Leaves, Tubers

Treatment for: Wounds, Oedeama, Burning sensation of the body, Sub – fertility,Heart diseases.
 Parts used to make Medcine: Tubers, Leaves
Propergation:-Seeds, Tubers

Monday, June 19, 2017

Vernonia cinerea/Monarakudumbiya

Botnical name:Vernonia cinerea
Family name:ASTERACEAE

Names in different languages:
     English names:ironweed,little ironweed,small ironweed, vernonia, 
     Sinhala name:Monarakudumbiya
     Tamil names :neyccitti, puvamkurundal, sahadevi

Distribution: Sri Lanka, India, : Kenya,Tanzania, Uganda, Cameroon, Central African Republic,     Gabon,Rwanda, Zaire , Angola, Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe
Edible parts:- Leaves

Treatment for:Skin diseases, Wounds, Insomnia, Worm diseases, Fever, Oedema, Pains, Urinary calculus, Hemorrhoids, Malnutrition, Dysuria, Jaundice, 
Parts used to make Medcine:-Whole plant 

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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Cylea peltata/Kehipiththan

Scientific name: Cylea peltata
Family name: menispermaceae
Names in different languages:
    English name: ink berry
    Sinhala name: Kehipiththan
    Tamil- Tamil: malaitanki, ponmucuttai
    Sanskrit: Bruhat Patha, akaisika, ambastha, ambasthaki
Distribution: Sri Lanka, India
Habit: Climbing shurb
Status :native
Edible parts:None
Ayurvedic usage:
Treatment for: Control bleeding from wounds, Gastritis
Parts used to make medicine: Root. Leaves